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Finding Harmony in Chaos: A Reflection on Efficiency and Culture at Metrolina Greenhouses

Discover how Growmentum fosters efficiency and positive culture at Metrolina Greenhouses in Marissa Marshall's reflection piece.


Finally, spring is here and in full swing! As a recovering corn and soybean farmer, I could feel the pressure of a to-do list that just gets longer with each passing moment. The Growmentum team has been hearing from growers how chaotic this time of year can be, and I felt it was important to see a greenhouse in the midst of the busiest time of year.

I’m confident this is not the first reflection that has been published about the mayhem of a greenhouse during the peak of the spring season. It is especially not the first summary of Metrolina Greenhouses in Huntersville, NC, and the incredible mechanization and technological advancements that they have adopted to increase efficiency. Growmentum has been one of those technology adoptions to gain improvements. I visited with Scott Robeson, Director of Continuous Improvement at Metrolina Greenhouses, and he shared the following statement about the madness of the season:

“When I first started 4 years ago, the chaos was real and was almost something I could feel, at least as a new employee. With the help of Growmentum and our amazing team here at Metrolina, it is much more controlled and organized, which converts to less stressful days for all involved. Not to mention it's now measurable and actionable. We can now measure success and share best practices amongst teams performing the same task and even across our sites.” - Scott Robeson, Director of Continuous Improvement at Metrolina Greenhouses

As I was escorted via golf cart through the operations and various stages of plant production in the greenhouse, one thing was clear: everyone seemed so happy. There was a kind smile on each worker’s face with a heartfelt “Good morning!” followed by a wave as we passed. There is something about structure and consistency that improves not only the efficiency of a process and the bottom line, but also the overall attitudes and culture of an organization that invests in such improvements. The kindness of the people even during the busiest and potentially most stressful time of the year was more impressive than anything else. There might be something in the water in Huntersville that is worth replicating. I’m grateful for the time of my hosts and am proud to think that Growmentum has played a small part in creating that secret sauce.



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